Assets & capabilities

Our people

Amplia Infrastructures has a highly professional, expert operating structure. The value of the experience and know-how of our resources is an asset exclusive to the company. We select our people based on their technical abilities, leadership, sense of responsibility, motivation, results-oriented approach and aptitude for teamwork.

Amplia Infrastructures is a hive of numerous types of expertise, which is enriched and developed over time, managing to predict new skills required as a result of both the regulatory and technological evolution of the construction sector. Today the company comprises over 170 engineers and experts in the fields of civil works, noise barriers and environmental technologies, as well as geologist, chemists and laboratory technicians.

To ensure competitiveness and operational excellence, Amplia Infrastructures invests in the training and ongoing professional development of our staff. Specific emphasis and attention are focused on quality, environment and health and safety training, which is planned and provided internally. In 2020, 15,800 hours of training were provided.

Plants and Machinery

Amplia Infrastructures has top-level know-how and equipment for the maintenance, refurbishment and production of all types of surfaces - for roads, motorways and airports - both in asphalt concrete and concrete-mix. Over time, Amplia Infrastructures has acquired 16 plants for the production of asphalt concrete, both fixed and mobile, located along the entire motorway network, which allow it to act promptly and efficiently, executing the production cycle internally, from the manufacturing to the laying of the concrete.

The company is also equipped with a cutting edge fleet comprising over 300 public works vehicles, primarily next generation, including:

  •   vibratory finishers
  •   milling machines
  •   grinders
  •   slipforms
  •   mobile crushing and sifting systems for the recycling of milled materials.

Furthermore, Amplia Infrastructures is equipped with: on-site mobile recycling equipment, mobile concrete-mixing equipment for the production of light structural concrete, surfacing machinery for slip-formed light structural concrete, irradiating machines for surface roughening and the removal of rubber residues from both road and airport surfaces.

Our machinery, developed in partnership with leading national and international companies, is a keystone for excellence and a point of reference for those working in the field of surfacing.


Every day, 2 and a half million vehicles travel on our motorways in Italy, including approximately 450,000 heavy vehicles. As a result of the use of highest quality materials and constant improvement in the production processes, Amplia Infrastructures has been producing motorway surfaces for years which can guarantee that traffic can flow regularly and safely under highly critical conditions. The company\'s careful attention to issues of traffic flow and safety is also seen in its focus on water run-off layers, as it has laid approximately 22 million square metres of draining road surface over the last 5 years.
Amplia Infrastructures manufactures the following internally, using its own plants, equipment and machinery:

  •   modified polymer concrete;
  •   cationic asphalt emulsion;
  •   asphalt concrete.

The search for and selection, in Italy and abroad, of materials used - specifically aggregates, asphalt binding agents, cement and additives - is based on a careful assessment of the intrinsic properties and performance of the components, in order to guarantee that the materials meet the requirements of the finished product.
Suppliers, which are national and international leaders in their own sectors, go through a strict qualification selection process which helps Pavimental guarantee that the production and quality requirements are met. The procurement procedures comply with the procedural specifications set out in the company\'s Quality Assurance System in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard and the European Union regulations relating to products used in construction.
Different to most of our competitors, we conduct testing on incoming and outgoing materials in-house, at a Central Laboratory and at the numerous laboratories located at most of our production sites.
Amplia Infrastructures is certified according to harmonised certification for self-produced materials used in construction, and was the first Italy company to voluntarily obtain ICMQ certification for cement mix.