The rebuilding of the Lepido viaduct completed in only 53 days


Rebuilding of the viaduct connecting the A1 and A14 and the South Bypass of Bologna

The rebuilding of the Lepido viaduct at Borgo Panigale completed in only 53 days. 

The works, which started the day after the collapse of a span of the overpass caused by an accident in which a tanker exploded, were initially expected to take 5 months, but this was then reduced to 2 months thanks to the timely procurement of the replacement beams and were completed 15 days early.

The viaduct, which had been expected to re-open on 15 October, was re-opened on 1 October 2018.

The work in question involved the demolition of the beams that did not collapse, with the removal and disposal of the materials, their replacement and the repair of the supporting abutments and pillars. The removed span was reconstructed using prefabricated reinforced and pre-compressed concrete strengthened by cross beams and girder realised during the course of the works.

A total of 25,000 working hours were involved, with an average of 58 men used daily. The motorway was kept open to traffic in both directions throughout the duration of the works.

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