Handover and start of works Maxi Lot for the Third Pass


On 15 July, the works for the Lot concerning the interconnection at Voltri and completion of Polcevera, awarded by the CO.CI.V (Consorzio Collegamenti Integrati Veloci; Consortium for Fast Integrated Connections) to Pavimental, were handed over.

The scope of the contract involves the execution of the line civil engineering works and connected works, excluding armouring, as follows:

- from pk 0+437.45 to pk 7+914.00 of the even-numbered track to/from Third Giovi Pass;

- from pk 0+437.45 to pk 7+924.03 of the odd-numbered track to/from Third Giovi Pass;

- from pk 0+236.00 to pk 2+356.986 of the even-numbered track of the Voltri Interconnection;

- from pk 0+235.014 to pk 4+160.705 of the odd-numbered track of the Voltri Interconnection.

The value of the contract is approximately € 250 million and the works will last for about two and a half years.

Pavimental has already started the work, sending the initial 90 resources to the field. All of the work teams will be completed by the end of November, reaching a peak of approximately 270 units.