Maintenance of flyover 193 on the A14


On the night of 12 and 13 June 2021, the metallic frame of “Flyover 193”, located at Km 277+097 of the A14 Bologn-Taranto highway on the section of competence of the Stretch 7 Office of Autostrade per l’Italia between the stations of Fermo-Porto San Giorgio and Porto Sant’Elpidio, was assembled and opened.

The intervention is in the scope of the works for the replacement of the steel frame, the pillars and the reinforcement of the existing supports.



Delivery date of the works: 18/02/2021

Presumed completion date of the works: 13/08/2021

Gross value of the works € 442,261.22 plus safety costs of € 263,013.44

The original work was constituted by a single span composed of a mixed steel and concrete structure, balanced on two supports. 

The replacement of the structural frame element was made necessary by a collision involving a heavy vehicle which damaged the original structure irreparably.

With the construction of the new structure, both the new frame and the existing supports (which will be reinforced by the installation of tie rods) will respect the safety requirements dictated by the technical regulations in force for constructions.

The new frame is approximately 36 metres long, with  a maximum width of 9.10 metres and an average height of approximately 11 metres above road level. It has two lanes (one in each direction) 3 metres wide with sidewalks.

The works were carried out by permanently restricting the traffic lane affected by the works using provisional concrete New Jersey barriers and using the emergency lane in the proximity of the structure. This enabled the assembly of the metallic frame, which was subsequently tested, using a 500 ton crane, above the reinforced supports. 

The opening involved more than 30 specialised individuals and more than 10 high-technology heavy vehicles, which enabled the operations to be completed with the traffic on the highway stretch in question only being completely blocked at night.