Opening of the 3rd lane Florence South-Incisa


The ceremony for the opening of the 3rd lane on the Florence South – Incisa stretch of the A1, a new 5 km long stretch, was held on Friday 30 July.

In a pavilion realised for the occasion on the Antella Tunnel, the top management of Autostrade per l'Italia (the President, Giuliano Mari, and the Chief Executive Officer, Roberto Tomasi) and representatives of national and local institutions (the President of Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani, the Senator Massimo Mallegni, the Mayor of Bagno a Ripoli (FI), Francesco Casini, and the Deputy Mayor of Florence, Alessia Bettini) gave a brief history of the construction of the work.

With the dual aim of enhancing traffic fluidity and the safety of the users, the expansion to 3 lanes of the Florence South – Incisa stretch of the A1 is part of the Autostrade per l’Italia strategic transformation plan. Capable of dealing with and streamlining the increasing volume of traffic on one of the busiest connections between the north and centre-south of the country, this work is a vital step towards the enhancement of the Italian highway network.

The sharing of intent between Autostrade per l’Italia, Pavimental and Tecne, on one hand, and the institutions and local inhabitants on the other, emerged during the work, with the aim of constructing major works that will help national and local growth. Thanks to the enhancement and construction of new infrastructures, the flow of highway traffic in the area will improve and support local, Italian and multinational companies and industries in their growth and development.

The impact of the works on traffic and the daily life of the local inhabitants is undeniable, but the unavoidable requirements are safety and mobility.

The institutional representatives also recalled that Autostrade and Pavimental have always operated in respect of the local territory, landscape and the environment. They have constantly focused on sustainability, minimising inconveniences to the local inhabitants, building infrastructures integrated with the surrounding area and building compensatory works, the impacts of which are advantageous to the local communities.

Congratulations to Pavimental.

To the workers first and foremost, who in long working shifts throughout the lockdown have worked with dedication, adopting the most stringent safety measures (0 accidents in 2020 and 2021) and completing the works in record time, and to all of the technicians who always guarantee excellent work through their professionalism.

It has been a day to make the whole Group proud.