Pavimental is in Quarry&Construction


In the latest issue of the technical publication Quarry&Construction, Pavimental describes the project for the construction of the 4th dynamic lane on the A4 Turin-Venice highway, specifically on the stretch between the Viale Certosa and Sesto San Giovanni exits.

The article entitled “When traffic becomes dynamic” describes the project which will increase the capacity of the existing infrastructure, enabling the effective channelling of the heavy traffic which uses the stretch of highway in question, at the same time increasing the safety of the users. 

The dynamic lane is a fourth lane to be used temporarily in heavy traffic, and will be obtained from the emergency lane by redistributing all of the lanes.

The objective is dual: increase the capacity of the existing infrastructure and optimise the outflow of traffic, at the same time also increasing the safety of the users.

The project also involves the construction of an artificial tunnel equipped with a walkable false ceiling and, in the transitable part of the tunnel, a system of open public spaces such as a pedestrian area, a cycling lane and one for skates and rollers.

Pavimental is proceeding tirelessly, and with the usual executive skills and technical and professional know how that are its hallmark, in the construction of works that are vital to the growth of the country, always focusing primarily on the wellbeing of everyone and the complete safety of users in mobility.