We are ready to hand over the largest tunnel in Europe to the people!


Pavimental is continuing the works for the completion and opening of the new Santa Lucia tunnel on the A1.

The enormous Tunnel Boring Machine, about 16 metres in diameter, used for the excavations has been disassembled and all of the components moved.

The disassembly operations, which lasted about 4 months, were carried out in a concrete shell made specially for the purpose and equipped with a crane.

The disassembled boring machine produced 178 loads, 15 of them weighing more than 90 tones, which were transported to an area near the highway where they will be kept temporarily while awaiting final storage.

These loads included the main bearing, which weighed 320 tons on its own and required an exceptional transport vehicle on 30 axles with front and rear engines.

At the end of October, the transport vehicles, first going through the 7.7 lm long Santa Lucia tunnel then the Baccheraia and Bellosguardo viaducts until entering the highway, ended their journey at the temporary storage area (Badia snow spot on the A1).