Pavimental is in Strade & Autostrade


In number 2/2022 – issue 152 of Strade & Autostrade, Amplia Infrastructures (formerly Pavimental) describes the refurbishment works on the Solagne Tunnel on the A14 highway.

The works are part of those being carried out by Autostrade per l’Italia for the modernisation of the network and consist primarily of interventions for “ensuring safety of a provisional nature” (#MES) and for “definitive completion” (#SID), aimed at rectifying any defects and making the work safe in overall terms.

Having achieved the important and strategic objective of completing the SID works before Easter, we have managed to ensure the full operational capacity of the stretch of highway involved, zeroing the impact on the users.

The MES interventions will be completed during May, according to the schedule of works.

Always carrying out the works according to the best standards and using the most advanced technology available on the market, Amplia Infrastructures (formerly Pavimental) ensures the utmost safety of the users and increasingly efficient and modern infrastructures.

The article on the work on the Solagne Tunnel can be consulted through the link