A14 Bologna - Taranto Motorway

The works cover 21 km and involve: enlargement of 3 viaducts, for a total of 700 linear metres of metal decks; demolition and reconstruction of 12 overpasses and upgrading of 24 underpasses; construction of the new Senigallia Ramp, including the construction of the entrance and exit ramps, the toll station apron and buildings, and the construction of the new Senigallia Parallel Carriageway: 4.5 km of new roadway and 2 carriageways with 4 new ramps and an artificial tunnel measuring 300 linear metres.

Works to enlarge the third carriageway - LOT 3

Section: Fano – Senigallia

Completion of works: December 2013

Value of the works: approximately EUR 230 M