Milan Trade Fair Hub

Main Contractor
Value: EUR 74.8 M
Main interventions: Construction of three systems of ramps interconnected by a dual carriageway connection axis, each with two lanes of 3.75 m in each direction, lateral emergency areas of 3.00 m and a central divider of 3.2 m, as well as roundabout ramps.
The most important works include: construction of the “Fiera” Viaduct (1,526 metres long), which allows the roadway to pass over the railway lines; the A8 Motorway viaduct (1,119 metres long), with a curving form; and the A8 Motorway artificial tunnel. Environmental mitigation works.

Execution of the New Trade Fair Hub in Rho-Pero through a complex interchange junction connecting the motorway system (composed of the A8 Milan-Laghi, the A4 Turin-Milan and the Western By-Pass) with trunk roads and provincial roads (SS 33 in the Sempione area, SP 46 Rho-Monza and municipal road systems).