Genoa Road and motorway junction - Adaptation of San Benigno Junction Lot 1

Expected duration of work: 600 DAYS 

Earth moving: m3 12,000
Underpinning: m3 1,250
Concrete: m3 7,000

Micropiles: m 33,000

Metal floor systems: tons 1,050
Pavement in asphalt: tons 4,500

Main jobs to be done: Structures for a direct link between West Genoa Barrier and The Port and the related connection to the ordinary road system and the flyover.

- Building two viaducts with underpinning on micropiles, supports in concrete and metal structural work, floor system in metal structure with spans varying between  20 and 60 Mt.

- Enlargement of port plate consisting of a concrete slab 3,000 SQ.M supported by concrete pillars.

- Rebuilding of disused premises for relocating production activities.

- Geometrical and functional adaptation of existing road system (new roundabout, cycle tracks, restoration of asphalt pavements and road signs).

Value of the project: Euro 12,877,909.82.



Completion of work (according to contract): 30 June 2015.




Start of work: 07 November 2013.