Bosco Grande Viaduct

Refurbishment of the safety barriers on the outside of the Bosco Grande Viaduct at km 52+733, located on the A16 Naples-Canosa highway on the East and West carriageways, for which the 6th Stretch head office of Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A. is responsible, on the section between Benevento and Avellino Ovest stations.

Delivery date: 09/12/2020
Estimated completion of works: 04/06/2021
Gross value of the works €546,268.37 plus safety costs of €503,238.84

The current layout of the safety barriers on the section in question is essentially constituted by concrete/steel New Jersey style barriers on the viaduct and triple-wave metal barriers with steel frames fixed onto the ground or road surface.
The works in question involves the replacement of the current barriers, on both the East and West carriageways, with new bridge side metal barriers of containment class H4 on the viaduct and lateral side metal barriers of containment class H3 adjoining them on the rest of the road in order to ensure the proper functioning of the system at the beginning and end of the sections to be protected.
The bridge deck is approximately 379.00 m long and the maximum height above ground level is approximately 40 m; the East and West carriageways are approximately 9.10 m wide and both have two traffic lanes (driving and overtaking) 3,75 m wide.
Due to the absence of an emergency lane on the viaduct, the works will be carried out with the permanent closure of the lane in question using temporary New Jersey style concrete barriers.
The intervention involves the refurbishment of the outer curbs and the structural reinforcement of the outer surface of the foundations of the viaduct and also the construction of a ground level curb et each end of the viaduct.

Curb refurbishment and installation of bridge side safety barrier H4: 839 ml
Installation of lateral side safety barriers H3: 162 ml